Church Choir

Music is used to enrich the congregation and is an integral part of worship.

The church has a well trained choir under the leadership of the Choir Master. The church choir leads the church into singing some rich traditional sacred songs.

Many have contributed to the music at our Church. Each Organist, Choir Director, choir members and congregation singing hymns in praise of God had greatly ennobled the spiritual ambience.

Every Thursday @ 8.00 pm we have the choir practice at parsonage conducted by Mr. Jebakumar Benjamin, Abudhabi. All regular participants are provided with the choir uniform which is worn during service. Procession is taken place during special Services.

We have the Church Carol Service during the second Friday of December every year when the Church Choir renders beautiful Christmas Carols both traditional and contemporaneous and other churches in UAE join us. We welcome new talented members to join us in praising our Lord.

Choir Master

Mr. Jebakumar Benjamin


Mrs. Ashiba Isaac Eban
Mrs. Catherine Radja
Mrs. Sheneegah Stanly


Mr. Abryan Gabriel Jeyaseelan
Mr. Kishore Raj
Mr. Jeyaseelan Gabriel
Mr. Johanspher
Mr. J.C. Raja
Mr. Salin Robert
Mr. Immanuel Stanley
Mr. Prince Victor


Ms. Adelyn Victoria Jeyaseelan
Mrs. Ajita Ebi
Ms. Alexia Carlyn
Mrs. Briliya Jeyaseelan
Ms. Karen Grapeson
Mrs. Helan Hema Geetha
Mrs. Subi Mol Raja
Mrs. Sobhana Grapeson
Mrs. Jinitha Raja


Mr. Abner Greapson
Mr. Greapson D
Mr. Ajin Kumar
Mr. Arulanandham Pous
Mr. Jino
Mr. Jaison P


Mr. Abryan Gabriel Jeyaseelan
Mr. Abner Greapson
Mr. Jebakumar Benjamin

Junior Choir

Adeline Jeyaseelan
Aiden Steve
Alexia Johanspher
Dafnie Marcia
Delisa Dinakaran
Eric Jayson
Evelyn Garcia
Jerrilyn Pushpam Nelson
Jessica Eban
Joshua Mahear
Karen Grapeson
Kevin Paul
Leonel Stalin
Linuel Sherwyn
Phoebe Solomon
Sam Sundar