Church Service Pre-Booking

Church Service Pre-Booking

Kindly note below guidelines pertaining to the conduct of weekly service as per St Andrews:-
    • Entry will be through the main gate and exit through the gate adjacent to main gate. All will need to follow the foot prints marked. Wearing masks through out service, and maintaining social distancing is mandatory.
    • All guests will need to pass through the thermal scanners located in the community centre lobby, before proceeding to worship hall.
    • No food or water will be allowed within the campus.
    • All restrooms will be closed, and water coolers will not be in use.
    • The order of service will be put on projector.
    • No instruments ( sound systems etc.) from outside will be allowed. St. Andrews will provide for the same in each venue.
    • Offering boxes will be placed at the entrance of the venue.
    • All should be in the venue 15 mins. prior to service starting at 9:00 PM and exit immediately after service finishes within 15 mins.
    • Sanitation of the entire facility will be done after each service.
    • Pregnant women and people suffering from chronic illness must stay away. Members who are ill, and those who have travelled recently, cannot attend church for at least 2 weeks.
    • Security guards are authorized to check Emirates ID.
    • Every person is required to download the Al Hosn app on their mobile.
    • Please continue to pray for God’s guidance in all our church ministries.

Good News…

    Only AL HOSN GREEN PASS is required to enter St. Andrew Church compound to attend CHURCH SERVICES and also to partake in HOLY COMMUNION.


          • 1st & 3rd Week – Holy Communion Service
          • 2nd. 4th & 5th Week – Worship Service
    Gates Open @ 9PM

     —-Strictly for private circulation only—

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