As part of our continuous endeavor to enrich our members with Biblical knowledge it was decided to introduce TAFTEE ( The Association For Theological Education by Extension) following the visit of Rev. T. Velvet John from Bangalore.

TAFTEE provides Biblical and Theological training to help Christians:

  • To grow in personal faith and knowledge of God.
  • To raise in maturity as a member of the body of Christ.
  • To exercise God given gifts in building up the body of Christ.
  • To live as Christians in the family, work place and contemporary society.
  • To involve effectively in Christian mission, including Evangelism and Social Services.

All interested members are requested to register their names by filling up the attached application form and contact the Reverend or Mr. T.Rajesh

The 3rd batch classes for Foundation Level Courses will begin from May 2013.

For TAFTEE Applications please Click here